On Demand Webinar: Why won't people use my tool? 

New research highlights how to engage members to make smarter choices.

Who doesn’t want more control over their health care? Let’s rephrase: Who doesn’t want more control over how their $$ are spent on health care? Health plans offer a variety of decision-making tools to their members. But why don’t members use them? What will it take for members to engage with their plans for this information?

Join us to learn how health plans can better engage and become more relevant in their members’ lives. We’ll share the latest research on how to talk to people, how often to talk to them and what they want to hear.

You’ll learn:
  • Who consumers trust and want to hear from about their health care options
  • Ways to better reach members and drive adoption of member portals and related health care shopping resources
  • How one health plan approaches its member engagement efforts
  • Five ways to boost member portal and transparency tool adoption

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