On Demand Webinar: How Health Plans Can Rebuild Trust Using CX

Featuring CX Expert, Megan Burns

Trust is one of the strongest drivers of prosperity in any culture. Unfortunately, the overall level of trust in America has been on the decline for decades. And, according to Edelman, only 46 percent of consumers trust their health insurance plan. How can health plans build trust and loyalty with members and employer groups in this digital age? In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Signals your website gives about how trustworthy your company is
  • Which types of customer experiences erode trust and those that rebuild it
  • Ways to mitigate the trust-building issues that technology introduces
Featured speaker: Megan Burns is an expert in customer and employee experience, culture, influence and human behavior. She has spent more than a decade studying what the world’s best companies do differently to deliver great experiences. These days, her research focuses on how the latest findings from behavioral science can make CX and EX programs more effective and bring humanity back to business. She was recently named one of the seven most influential women in her field.

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